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I am happy to hear from you.If you have any queries feel free to contact me here using the below form or mail me at arasicontacta@gmail.com .
If you have picture of the recipe that you tried from TamilsKitchen , you can send it to me either as a facebook message or to arasicontacta@gmail.com . I will happily share it in my facebook page.
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Anonymous said...

wow tamil love ur recipes and photos!!! keep up the good work

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Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you dear Tamizh sagothiri. God is with you. As a good husband I have started cooking recently. I experiment lot of world cuisines however, nothing to beat our own nattu rusi. It's ironic that living in Chennai capital of TN am going to try out your recipes posted from UK. If things go well I shall be dependent on your website to satisfy my family's extraordinary culinary tastes!

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