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September 11, 2012

Egg Masala / Muttai Masala

Egg curry is a easy comforting dish and loved by most of us. This is a spicy thick gravy that suits well with rice as well as rotis and pulao items. The main thing in this gravy is you have to cook the onions so soft that when we eat we should not feel the crunchiness of the onions. The touch of  soft onions will give a wonderful taste to this masala. My mom will make this curry with a piece of coconut to make it creamy but I am happy to  go with onions and tomatoes, if you like a creamy texture then add 1/4 cup of grounded coconut to the masala. A small amount  of the gravy will  be enough for a cup of rice. Hope you all love this as we enjoyed with our family. Try it and let me know your thoughts….Smile




August 29, 2012

Mushroom Capsicum Gravy

Mushrooms are my favourite.Whatever you cook with it tastes wonderful.And it cooks so fast and its more healthy and yummy too.This  dish is  the combination of mushrooms with exotic spices marinated to give a wonderful  aroma.The fresh cream added to this gives a rich creamy taste.And capsicum blends with the masala and makes it more delicious.Go ahead and try this and let me know your views…


August 24, 2012

Paneer Butter Masala

This is a very popular North Indian dish made from Indian cottage cheese .I love paneer recipes very much as it blends with the gravy and tastes awesome. Piping hot naan and paneer butter masala is the one we prefer in restaurants for dinner.Once I prepared this searching in net,from that time it turned out our favourite dish at home.But I will not prepare this so often as the name implies its more rich due to butter and the gravy is thickened by using cashew paste rather than just cream. I avoid adding food colour so the gravy will not be red as you see in hotels .You cannot go wrong with this even you are preparing it  for the first time, try it for yourself and see….



August 23, 2012

Muttai Kulambu / Egg Gravy

This is one of my favourite curry that is fast to prepare and tastes delicious.Eggs can be prepared in a lots of ways and dishes prepared with egg tastes awesome.And eggs are too handy for me i.e ,if I have no mood to cook any side dish ,eggs are my savers.And also eggs are a good source of high protein. They are very healthy and full of nutrition.Now to the recipe….



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