December 21, 2012

செட்டிநாடு முட்டை குழம்பு / Chettinad Egg Curry

This is a popular dish from the flavourful chettinad cuisine.This cuisine is quite famous for its fresh blend of spices and aroma.This is an instant hit at my family.The cashew nuts used gives a silky texture and richness to the curry.Increase or decrease the spiciness up to your taste.Try this curry and let me know your thoughts….




December 17, 2012

Chicken 65

This is my all time favourite starter recipe that can be made in a jiffy.No need of long time marination but tastes so good. I have posted chicken 65 using egg in my blog before.Check the recipe here.I didn’t use red food colour if you wish then add a pinch. This is a simple easy version , try it and give me your valuable thoughts.Lets see the step by step preparation…




December 14, 2012

Pavakkai Varuval/ Bittergourd Fry

Pavakkai / Bittergourd is a rarely loved vegetable by most people but this is my favourite veggie.My hubby likes Pavakkai Puli kulambu the most than this fry.As you all know bittergourd  is loaded with lots of precious nutrients and vitamins and especially so good for diabetics.This veggie is available all round the year and I try to include often in our menu.This is a simple fry recipe  but takes some time and patience to get it right.This goes well with sambar rice and curd rice .Lets see the preparation…



December 10, 2012

Mutton Varuval Curry / Mutton Fry curry

    Hi Friends,

    This is a very popular and a traditional dish from Indian cuisine . I got this authentic recipe of course from my mom who is a great cook to me.My mom prepares this curry in a kadai (i.e,not using pressure cooker) that was so great.The mutton we get in my moms place is so soft and cooks soon.But without cooker I can’t make this as the mutton I am getting here in my place is so hard and will take hours when I cook in a kadai.I love to toss some hot rice in  the  masala leftover in the pan.That tastes awesome.  This hot dish goes well with steamed rice or rotis or with any type of Indian flatbreads or with pulao rice.We loved this so much and try it , definitely you too will love it…



December 03, 2012

Avarakkai Poriyal / Broad Beans Stir Fry

Hi Friends ,

This is a simple side that goes well with sambar rice / curd rice / any mixed rice.And its so easy to make and tastes delicious.My mom prepares this side frequently.I love the flavour.In my place I  see this veggie very rarely.Last week I saw this in an Indian shop and at once bought it.Here comes the preparation .Try this simple yummy stir fry…..


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