September 28, 2012

Giveaway @ Lavanya’s Space with Aloeveda

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Another lovely Giveaway @ Lavanya’s space.Rush to her page and try your luck.Click Here to participate.


September 25, 2012

Poondu Kathirikkai Puli Kulambu / Garlic and Brinjal In Tamarind Sauce

Dear friends,

Todays menu is garlic in tamarind sauce.You all know about the medicinal values of garlic.Its rich in iron and contains lots of vitamins in it.And its so good for feeding mothers.I already posted poodu puli kulambu to check CLICK HERE .In this recipe I added brinjal , You can prepare this using ladies finger / okra too.I like to use sesame oil for poondu kulambu not only because of its added flavour to the gravy but also for its  health  benefits.You can use any type of cooking oil. This is one of our weekly menu and also a wonderful  lunch box item.I love this kulambu and hope you too will….Now off to the preparation…

Poondu puli kulambu


September 20, 2012

Onion -Tomato chutney

Hi friends Hope you all enjoyed the big festival.This is the very usual  chutney recipe .I love it with idli – dosas .And can be had even with rotis and as a spread to sandwich.The tempering with sesame oil blend with this chutney and gives a irresistible flavour.I like to use sesame oil for tempering to almost all of the chutney recipes.I love the flavour but you can use any oil.Here goes the simple chutney…..




September 19, 2012

How To Make Idli Dosa Batter

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                                 Happy Vinayagar chaturti to everyone.

                                           Wishing that Lord Ganesha...
                                               fills your home with...
                                               Prosperity & fortune...


Today I like to share a popular basic South Indian breakfast item.This will be the regular  breakfast or dinner item in most of the sout indian homes.This batter can be kept in fridge for a week.This is very handy in busy mornings and sometimes in lazy evenings.Just make a favourite chutney and in minutes we can make Spongy Idlis or Crispy Dosas.I hope this will be very helpful for the beginners. In India I used wet grinder for grinding the batter but here in UK I'm using mixie for grinding .I find no difference ,its so nice .Here comes the traditional recipe with step by step pictures....



September 14, 2012

Creamy Veg Pasta

Pasta, a lot of different types available in the market. I  try different recipes using pasta as  hubby loves it so much.Very few foods are cooked and adored by the people worldwide and pasta is one of those which enters  all types of cuisine. I used fusilli pasta You can try it with any variety of pasta.I added carrot and capsicum but beans , mushroom can also be added to make it more nutritious.Don’t overcook the veggies ,as the veg chunks will give a great taste.


I love this masala touch  very much Hope you too will enjoy…Here is the simple Indian flavoured pasta recipe….

September 12, 2012

Kovakkai poriyal / Tindora fry / Ivy gourd fry

Kovakkai fry is a yummy simple fry that tastes great with  for sambar/rasam rice.I love this vegetable .This is not a familiar veg to me,as i never seen this veg in my home town.After marriage when we stayed at Bangalore I come over this veggie and liked the taste.Here in Leeds this is one of the veg that is available all time.So I used to do this very frequently and also my kid likes it too much.Besides kovakkai has lots of medicinal values too ,its rich in minerals,protein and fibre and good for diabetics.And here comes the recipe….Try it and see…and let me know your outcome




September 11, 2012

Egg Masala / Muttai Masala

Egg curry is a easy comforting dish and loved by most of us. This is a spicy thick gravy that suits well with rice as well as rotis and pulao items. The main thing in this gravy is you have to cook the onions so soft that when we eat we should not feel the crunchiness of the onions. The touch of  soft onions will give a wonderful taste to this masala. My mom will make this curry with a piece of coconut to make it creamy but I am happy to  go with onions and tomatoes, if you like a creamy texture then add 1/4 cup of grounded coconut to the masala. A small amount  of the gravy will  be enough for a cup of rice. Hope you all love this as we enjoyed with our family. Try it and let me know your thoughts….Smile




September 10, 2012

Thengai Pal Sadam / Coconut Milk Rice

Hi Friends Happy to blog after a great weekend.Today the resource is a festive rice preparation .This rice is cooked in coconut milk with all the flavours of whole spices.This is a very authentic dish of Tamilnadu.This goes well with spicy chicken Kurma .But I  served with veg-kurma as we don’t prefer NV on saturdays.Believe me this is one of  a Yummy rice preparation…Have it a go….You too will love it…




September 09, 2012

GiveAway At Shruti's Page

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Shruti from ShrutiRasoi is organizing a GIVEAWAY at her page.She is wonderful blogger I love her recipes.Do visit her page to win the wonderful prizes...CLICK HERE to enter the giveaway....


September 06, 2012

Chicken 65

This is one of the most popular Indian Non-veg starter recipe,a spicy deep fried chicken that surely catches the attraction of every one. A favourite dish at our home  and  kids will love it for sure.I can’t stop my kid from grabbing this wonderful fries.I took  and hide some for the clicks.This dish can be made with  boneless chicken or  with chicken legs .I didn’t add any food colour if you prefer then add it a little.Try this simple chicken 65 and enjoy with your family….


September 04, 2012

Rava / Semolina Upma

Dear friends, this is the a very simple breakfast recipe ,Rava upma.I sometimes wonder how this recipe is favourite among people.I never have great interest in making this recipe  .But after a longtime last week I made this and it tasted  really good  , so I changed my opinion about this.Its a nutritious dish and I added only carrots  but if you wish you can add beans,peas,potatoes or capsicum.This dish tastes best when it served hot.Now to this quick recipe…



September 03, 2012

Chicken Salna / Parotta Salna




Chicken  can also be done in a lots of variations And this is is one of those awesome preparations .My mom is very good at Non-Veg recipes and this is one of her delicious chicken item. It tastes great with rice and  we tasted this curry with frozen parathas too ,it was wonderful.   The  fresh ingredients we use makes this curry super tasty.The more the time of marination  gives more taste to the curry.I did this  with a pressure pan ,  You can use Kadai too…Try it  and see ,this will turn your favourite…


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