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October 16, 2012

Kaalan Varutha Curry / Mushroom Curry

I love mushrooms.One of my favourite veggie.The coconut masala blend with the mushroom gives a finger licking taste . My mom never cooked mushroom in my childhood as it was a rare veggie those days,but now-a-days its so common in all the places.My periamma (my moms cousin sister) makes a flavourful gravy / kulambu out of this mushroom.Whenever she makes she will give me some as she lived very near to us those days.After marriage I started cooking mushrooms and all in my family loves mushroom.


Coming to the recipe , this is a spicy dish that goes well with rotis and rice.My mom cooks mutton varuval nearly the same way.I tried with mushrooms and the result is really so good.I always used to have mushrooms with chappatis but this time I tried wth rice.It was fabulous.We loved it very much.This is  a wonderful dish for all mushroom lovers .Hope you too will love so go ahead and try this at your home and enjoy with your loved ones….


Mushroom Varytha Curry


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