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May 21, 2013

இட்லி–தோசை /How to make Idli–Dosa

This is a traditional South Indian item , mostly prepared daily in every household for breakfast or dinner . Every week I used to ground this batter. The batter should be nicely fermented to get soft Idlis . Click here to check how to prepare the Idli Dosa Batter . Usually I will prepare Idlis for the first few days . The freshly fermented batter gives nice soft idlis . Then will start making dosas . You can prepare idli dosas with the same batter . Just make the batter a bit loose while making dosas , the consistency should not be runny.   This post is specially for beginners and will be so helpful for them with step by step pictures .  Lets see the preparation….


Fermented Idli / Dosa batter

September 19, 2012

How To Make Idli Dosa Batter

Hi friends,

                                 Happy Vinayagar chaturti to everyone.

                                           Wishing that Lord Ganesha...
                                               fills your home with...
                                               Prosperity & fortune...


Today I like to share a popular basic South Indian breakfast item.This will be the regular  breakfast or dinner item in most of the sout indian homes.This batter can be kept in fridge for a week.This is very handy in busy mornings and sometimes in lazy evenings.Just make a favourite chutney and in minutes we can make Spongy Idlis or Crispy Dosas.I hope this will be very helpful for the beginners. In India I used wet grinder for grinding the batter but here in UK I'm using mixie for grinding .I find no difference ,its so nice .Here comes the traditional recipe with step by step pictures....



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