March 14, 2014

Baby Food - Carrot Apple Porridge - Introducing Solid Food

When's the right time to introduce solid food to your baby? The official guidelines say you should wait until your baby is six months. But normally many of us starts to feed them at their 5th month. Some of my readers requested to share baby food recipes and I thought this is the correct time to share those as I started weaning my boy . Here is what I am feeding my baby and I believe this will help other new moms.

I started feeding solid food to Srivathsan at the mid of his 5th month. Each baby is different and unique. My elder one is completely different from my younger one. No one knows their baby better than their mother, so feed him/her if you feel they get ready to take solid food. If you are not sure then better consult your doctor about starting solid food for your baby. But never start weaning before they complete 18 weeks.

Initially I started with store bought organic baby rice and moved to Banana porridge & Apricot porridge . He liked the different tastes. Then at the mid of his sixth month  I started making home made purees. Slowly he started having them. Now I am giving Apple Banana porridge / Carrot Apple Porridge / Carrot Banana Porridge. My boy showed much interest in mixed up purees so I started mixing apples & carrots and other fruits and pureed them. As I said each baby is different, so if you wish you can also also puree the apples / carrots / banana  separately . And  I am thinking to introduce some other different  tastes to my little one and will sure share with you all soon.

I never add any extra sweetener or salt to my baby food as per my mid wife suggestion. And this can be followed till they are 1 year old , but I understand this can’t be possible as we switch to rice&dal,idlis etc.. so try to follow at least for few months initially. Now lets see how to make the porridge .

Carrot Apple Porridge

Carrot Apple Porridge


Carrot – 1 small sized , peeled and diced

Apple – 1 small sized , peeled and cubed

Rice – 2 tbsp cooked rice

Formula Milk as required


Wash the apple and carrot nicely. Peel the skin and dice them.

Transfer it to a steamer . Steam the apple and carrot for 15-20 mins or until done ( I used idli steamer).

Meanwhile wash some rice with lots of water. Then add enough water (probably a lot to make it mushy) to the washed rice and pressure cook till mushy. And let it cool.

Prepare some formula milk as per pack guidelines (Use only formula milk or breast milk or some boiled water for preparing baby food). Add the steamed apple and carrot along with the cooked rice  in to a clean blender and puree it with some formula milk. Transfer the puree to a feeding bowl.

Mix some more formula milk if required , to make to a consistency that suits your baby.

And feed the healthy puree to your little one.

Carrot Apple Puree

 Some times I will omit rice and just puree the steamed apples and carrots using some formula milk. Here is the pictorial.

                       Steam the Apple and Carrot (refer above pictures) and puree them.

                                              Add required Formula milk and mix it up .


Notes :

  • Use only formula milk or breast milk for preparing baby food, Cows milk should not be given to your baby until one year old.
  • Sometimes I used to add 1 or 2 tspn of organic baby rice instead of cooked rice.
  • Increase or decrease the amount of ingredients (apple,carrot and rice) as per your baby’s appetite.
  • Never force feed your baby.
  • Give some water when you are feeding solid food.


prethika skm said...

Healthy and best way to feed kids with wellness of veggies n fruit

Veena Theagarajan said...

healthy recipe .. healthy start to the life

priya satheesh said...

Healthy recipe for babies..

Priya Suresh said...

Fantastic baby food, well done.

Sathya Priya said...

Great way to feed little cuties .

Beulah Arun said...

Great baby food!

joy said...

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