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January 24, 2014

Traditional Poori Masala / Poori Masal / Poori Kizhangu

Restaurant menu  for breakfast starts with Idli ,Dosa ,Puri ,Vada , Pongal etc…. it goes like this…  If there is Poori then there should be Poori masala , this combination is fantastic. I do love my pooris with Kurmas as well as Coconut chutney . But hubby dear and  kid likes traditional side so I mostly go with this masal . You can also use this masala for making masala dosa or a stuffing for sandwich. Lets learn how to make traditional poori masala


August 19, 2013

தக்காளி சட்னி / Tomato Chutney

Tomato Chutney is a very delicious combo for Idlis and Dosas . Chutney recipes are staple side dishes for breakfast in South India and this is my mum’s version which I like most . I have already posted Onion Tomato Chutney without coconut , click on the link to check it . In this tomato chutney , my mum used to add a little coconut and that really enhances the taste . This is so easy to make and tastes wonderful .  Hope you all love this simple chutney . Lets see how to prepare it….

Tomato chutney

May 21, 2013

இட்லி–தோசை /How to make Idli–Dosa

This is a traditional South Indian item , mostly prepared daily in every household for breakfast or dinner . Every week I used to ground this batter. The batter should be nicely fermented to get soft Idlis . Click here to check how to prepare the Idli Dosa Batter . Usually I will prepare Idlis for the first few days . The freshly fermented batter gives nice soft idlis . Then will start making dosas . You can prepare idli dosas with the same batter . Just make the batter a bit loose while making dosas , the consistency should not be runny.   This post is specially for beginners and will be so helpful for them with step by step pictures .  Lets see the preparation….


Fermented Idli / Dosa batter

April 16, 2013

மிளகாய் சட்னி / Red Chilli Chutney

Milagai chutney is a common South Indian side for tiffins . This really goes well with hot soft idlis and crispy dosas. Pearl onions / Sambar onions  are preferably used  but its so rare in my place so I used big onion . My mom generally don’t use onion and tomato to this spicy chutney and she grinds using a manual grinding stone ( ammikal ) . I too sometimes prefer without onion and tomato . In that case you should soak the chillies in hot  water for 10 mins and use some water to grind to a smooth paste . Sesame oil gives a nice flavour and is highly recommended as it reduces the spiciness . I love the combo of coconut chutney or sambar with this spicy side . Try this hot chutney with your idlis  , sure its a comforting side for all spicy lovers…




October 02, 2012

Ven Pongal / Ghee Pongal

      Ven Pongal is a popular South indian breakfast item.This is so simple and is very easy to prepare .This is one of the dish that catches its place in the banana leaf in almost all the marriges in south.The rice and moong dal combined with ghee gives a wonderful taste.The best side dish for this is the coconut chutney and sambar.And  normally in hotels we see this  accompanied with a vada.My hubby loves it with chutney and I like sambar so I usually prepare both the items.For the traditional pongal we use raw rice but however normal rice can also be used for this recipe.Lets see the preparation…



September 19, 2012

How To Make Idli Dosa Batter

Hi friends,

                                 Happy Vinayagar chaturti to everyone.

                                           Wishing that Lord Ganesha...
                                               fills your home with...
                                               Prosperity & fortune...


Today I like to share a popular basic South Indian breakfast item.This will be the regular  breakfast or dinner item in most of the sout indian homes.This batter can be kept in fridge for a week.This is very handy in busy mornings and sometimes in lazy evenings.Just make a favourite chutney and in minutes we can make Spongy Idlis or Crispy Dosas.I hope this will be very helpful for the beginners. In India I used wet grinder for grinding the batter but here in UK I'm using mixie for grinding .I find no difference ,its so nice .Here comes the traditional recipe with step by step pictures....



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