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April 26, 2013

பூண்டு புளிக்குழம்பு / Garlic Tamarind Curry Without Tomato

Poondu kulambu / Garlic curry is an authentic South Indian curry . I have a great love towards this recipe . Atleast weekly once this curry will be on our menu . This is so easy to prepare and a good lunch box item . And I am sure everyone is aware of the medicinal properties of garlic .The best pair for this tamarind based curry are papads . And also any mild stir fry like Cabbage poriyal / fry , Snake gourd Kootu or  Carrot beans stir fry will be a good combo to this spicy tangy curry .  Earlier I have posted the version  using tomatoes and without coconut . Check the related posts for the detailed recipes . Lets see the preparation of this mouth watering curry…




December 21, 2012

செட்டிநாடு முட்டை குழம்பு / Chettinad Egg Curry

This is a popular dish from the flavourful chettinad cuisine.This cuisine is quite famous for its fresh blend of spices and aroma.This is an instant hit at my family.The cashew nuts used gives a silky texture and richness to the curry.Increase or decrease the spiciness up to your taste.Try this curry and let me know your thoughts….




October 25, 2012

Ennai Kathirikkai Kulambu / Eggplants in a Tangy Gravy

This is a spicy tangy South Indian brinjal/eggplant curry.I am not a big fan of eggplants and truly speaking I never tasted this veggie during my childhood.I will not eat the eggplants but urge my mom to add it to the some curries like mutton kulambu / curry , sundal /kala channa puli kulambu .I love the aroma it gives to the curries..But now I strated loving it and having it frequently.It tastes nice when added to tamarind based curries. Few days before I made Eggplant Stuffed Curry too.I will post that soon.My red chillies are mild so I used more , adjust it as per your taste.My hubby loved this curry so much and hope you too so off you go to the recipe with step by step pictures….



October 22, 2012

Meen Kulambu (Choodai meen) / Sprats Fish Curry

This is a very traditional non-veg recipe.You all heard about the hot spicy tangy South Indian fish curry.We used to buy fresh alive viral meen (butterfish) in India , that tastes heavenly.But I can’t find those here.I learnt this recipe from my dear mom and I loved it and tried it a lot many times.You can use any type of fish to prepare this curry.I tried this kulambu with  sankara meen (red snpper) , salmon ,sea bass (koduvai) .This time my hubby bought sprats.I like the little fishes and the taste is also good. We had with of course salmon fry.Lets see the preparation….




September 25, 2012

Poondu Kathirikkai Puli Kulambu / Garlic and Brinjal In Tamarind Sauce

Dear friends,

Todays menu is garlic in tamarind sauce.You all know about the medicinal values of garlic.Its rich in iron and contains lots of vitamins in it.And its so good for feeding mothers.I already posted poodu puli kulambu to check CLICK HERE .In this recipe I added brinjal , You can prepare this using ladies finger / okra too.I like to use sesame oil for poondu kulambu not only because of its added flavour to the gravy but also for its  health  benefits.You can use any type of cooking oil. This is one of our weekly menu and also a wonderful  lunch box item.I love this kulambu and hope you too will….Now off to the preparation…

Poondu puli kulambu


August 23, 2012

Muttai Kulambu / Egg Gravy

This is one of my favourite curry that is fast to prepare and tastes delicious.Eggs can be prepared in a lots of ways and dishes prepared with egg tastes awesome.And eggs are too handy for me i.e ,if I have no mood to cook any side dish ,eggs are my savers.And also eggs are a good source of high protein. They are very healthy and full of nutrition.Now to the recipe….



August 17, 2012

Pavakkai Puli Kulambu/ Bitterguord curry

Pavakkai is one of my hubby's favourite vegetable preferably as puli kulambu. Besides it is loaded with lots of precious nutrients So i try to include it as much as possible.Most of them avoid this wonderful veggie because of its bitterness .There are many tricks to reduce the bitterness by soaking it in saltwater or in tamarind extract or in curd and also washing it several times in lots of water. I didd'nt soaked it but somehow the bitterness is reduced in this curry because of frying it before adding it to the gravy. It tastes really good even my little one liked it...
Have a try you too will love...

August 14, 2012

Nattu Kozhi Kulambu / Country Chicken Gravy

This ia an authentic South Indian Gramathu/village gravy.  The recipes prepared with Country chicken are excellent in taste.  Whether it is kulambu/gravy or varuval/fry it tastes heavenly.  This was our sunday lunch and it was a big hit.  This Gravy is prapared with sesame oil and it gives a wonderful flavour to this dish.  In my place I can't find it so I am using  British Country chicken / Cornish hen.  But the taste of the  real country style chicken is extraordinary.Now to the recipe...

August 03, 2012

Poondu Puli kulambu/Garlic In A Tangy Gravy

Garlic Tamarind Curry is a very common dish in most of  the South Indian families.My mom prepares this curry once in a week because of  its medicinal values.

If you are wondering how to lower cholesterol naturally, you may not be aware of how garlic benefits your cholesterol levels.Garlic has a variety of useful purposes. Its very helpful in gas trouble and other digestive problems.And also it is mostly known for the flavor it adds to a variety of foods. I love this tangy taste, hope you'll like it .Lets go to the preparation..

July 24, 2012

Parrupu Urundai Kulambu/ Steamed Dal Balls In A Spicy Gravy

This is my first post. And this is a tasty ,flavourful and spicy gravy .I learnt this from my grandma .When she makes the whole house would be filled with the flavour. My hubby and my son loved it . Hope you too will love it.Now to the recipe.

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